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After completing a B.A. in Photography from RMIT University, Shannon Pawsey Photographer works across the Commercial, Advertising, Product and Wedding photography fields, specialising in the Agriculture, Hospitality and Tourism photographic imagery.

Beginning as a architectural photographer Shannon has worked with many Australian high profile architects, his travel and expertise in this field lead itself into various advertising and tourism photography clients. Shannon has become a preferred commercial supplier of photographic imagery to government departments, design firms, corporations, agencies, designers, and small to medium businesses. 
More recently Shannon has specialised in the Tourism and agriculture photography markets, this specific focus has enabled Shannon to excel in this field assisting to promote businesses as diverse as National tourism brands to hospitality, food, corporate, travel and small business.  Shannon is renowned for his broad photographic career and enjoys continually growing and expanding his professional techniques and knowledge base. With an impressive client list Shannon’s clients include many high-profile brands and in addition, he has guest lectured and provides mentorship for up and coming photographers.
A strong advocate for professional photography Shannon’s work provides clients with consistent yet engaging results, assisting with the branding and promotion of Australian businesses – driving sales and creating brand awareness.  Shannon is also able to aid with ongoing film and photography content creation for social media to captivate your target audience.  Social media photography created for use on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram, we are happy to work in with your existing Social media structure. 

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